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  1. Dance Umbrella Perform at Noah’s Ark Summer Fete!

    Dance Umbrella Perform at Noah’s Ark Summer Fete!

    We were incredibly proud of our Year Two Dance Umbrella performers this weekend when they opened the Noah’s Ark Pre-School Summer Fete with their fantastic routine ‘Consider Yourself,’ from Oliver Twist. It was brilliant to see the children performing with such confidence and enjoyment. They showed impressive determination and resilience as the rain poured during their second performance but they continued performing with wonderful pride. We look forward to performing our dance for you all again at our own Summer Fayre next Friday!

    IMG_0692 IMG_0694 IMG_0696 IMG_0698

  2. Golden Star Gardening Club!

    Golden Star Gardening Club!

    Last term we were given the exciting opportunity to design and plant one of the raised flower beds in Hill Court, outside the Co-op in our village. A group of Year 2 children worked alongside the Pride in Paulton Partnership to plan our ideas and draw out a final design. In our School Council meetings, we then decided that in order to care for our flowers and vegetables we needed a Gardening Club. The overall decision was that each week six children who have earned their place on the Golden Star would be chosen from Years 1 and 2 and they will be given the exciting chance to attend the Gardening Club with our expert gardener Miss Sadler!

    We would like to say a big thank you to Owen Holland, manager of the Co-op, for his extremely kind flower donations and the Pride in Paulton Partnership for their continued support. We hope you all enjoy the beautiful flowers brightening up our village. We are really excited to learn more about how to grow and care for vegetables and flowers!

    Here are some photographs of our first Gardening Club:

    IMG-20160506-00130 IMG-20160506-00131 IMG-20160506-00132