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  1. Head Teacher Tea Party

    I am really enjoying hearing about the children’s successes at my Friday Tea Party. The children tell me how they have earned their place at my tea party, what they have enjoyed learning this week and what has challenged them. They also tell me lots of fascinating news about their weekends, holidays, families and friends. It is such a treat to spend this quality time with them.

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  2. Y2 SATs Information

    Thank you to everyone who attend this meeting last week. The feedback was that it was really helpful. If you have any more queries please don’t hesitate to talk to your child’s class teacher.

    Please follow the link below to our Assessment page for more information which includes the SATs meeting information/Slides.

    Assessment Page

  3. Year Two Play welcomes special guest!

    Christmas Visitor

    The Year Two cohort chose an interesting yet challenging theme for their end-of-year play, namely Children of the World.

    The play was based on a colloquial conversation between angels about where they might visit at this time of year, and the interesting customs that they happen upon throughout their travels.

    Our Head-teacher, Julie Hogan, was so enamoured with the way in which these young Year Two minds openly and enthusiastically embraced this challenge, that she invited the Chairman of the BANES Council to come and see it for himself.

    Chairman Alan Hale duly obliged and, by his own admission, he was deeply impressed with the confidence of the  cast and the compassion of the script – citing in particular a phrase about ‘sharing more love amongst mankind’ as something that should be more prevalent in each and every one of us.

    As a school which is still managed within the Local Authority framework, the Paulton Infant School team have to work hard to achieve these stellar performances with very limited budget. As their recent Ofsted report evidences however, this effort is not going unnoticed and the school is continuing to establish itself as an exemplar for nurturing and inspiring the next generation of scientists, singers and maybe even councillors!