Reception and Year 1

Linked below here is the current yearly theme overview for 2019 - 2020. This is currently under review in light of curriculum and school changes.

EYFS/Year 1

Term 2 - Fire and Ice 

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We are very excited about our topic this term which will take us from the fiery celebrations of bonfire night through to wintry, Christmas fun. Along the way we will learn the history of the Great Fire of London and the Gunpowder plot; read stories; explore ice and fire through a range of colours and materials and practise and perform our Nativity. 

Term 2 Topic Web - Year 1

Term 2 Newsletter

Term 2 Home Learning Letter

Term 3 Land of the Dinosaurs


Raaaaahhhhh! Welcome to the Land of the Dinosaurs. This term we are exploring the Land of the Dinosaurs, working towards creating a Dinosaur Museum. We begin by asking, 'What is a museum?' and we will be using our investigating skills to find out all about how dinosaurs lived and died, exploring what is in a museum and how we find out about the past.

At the end of term, we will showcase our learning in our very own Dinosaur Museum - come a long and learn all about the Land of the Dinosaurs (see newsletter for dates).

Term 4

Rumble in the Jungle


There's a rumble in the jungle, 

There's a whisper in the trees,

The animals are waking up,

And rustling the leaves. 

There's a RUMBLE IN THE JUNGLE in EYFS/Y1 this term. We will be looking at jungle animals and where they live. In Week 5 we are going to Wild Place Project to visit some of the animals we will have learnt about, see our newsletter for further information. 

                         Term 5

               Amazing Inventors

It's time to find problems to solve and get creative as we explore the world of inventors and inventions. We will learn about some of the inventions that have changed the lives of people throughout history as well as having a go at being inventors ourselves. 

Term 5 EYFS topic web - Inventors

Term 5 Year 1 topic web - Inventors

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