1. Head Teacher Tea Party

    I am really enjoying hearing about the children’s successes at my Friday Tea Party. The children tell me how they have earned their place at my tea party, what they have enjoyed learning this week and what has challenged them. They also tell me lots of fascinating news about their weekends, holidays, families and friends. It is such a treat to spend this quality time with them.

    Term 1

    Week 3

    Week 2

    Week 1


  2. Vacancy for a SMSA (Fridays)

    WE are looking for a new SMSA to work with our fabulous lunchtime Play Team. The role will involve getting to know one class of children and supporting them through their lunch hour. This will include helping with developing healthy eating habits in the dining hall and supporting play outside. We have an amazing team to offer advice, support and a ready smile. Please call in at the office for an application form.

  3. Parent/Carer Governor Vacancy

    We have a vacancy for a new Parent/Carer Governor. Please speak to any of our Governors for further information or speak to our Clerk, Mich Wallis, ask at the school office or download the application forms from the Governor link on our website. We look forward to working with you:)

  4. Y2 SATs Information

    Thank you to everyone who attend this meeting last week. The feedback was that it was really helpful. If you have any more queries please don’t hesitate to talk to your child’s class teacher.

    Please follow the link below to our Assessment page for more information which includes the SATs meeting information/Slides.

    Assessment Page