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Aspiration week - Dream Big!

We were lucky enough to have so many visitors in this week sharing what they do for a living. We had such an array of talented professionals including a Care Worker, Illustrator, Journalist, Accountant, Dance Teacher, farmer/Racing Horse Trainer and lots more!

‘We had a Skate Park Designer come and visit us. He had designed more that 100 Skate Parks around the country. He is so busy he is not at home very much. I was really interested to see his designs on the computer. We had a turn at designing our own Skate Park which was fun! When I grow up I want to be a swimmer’ By Oscar S Emerald Class

‘I liked the lady that brought in her pony. It was called Mulberry and it was Holley in Emerald Class’ pony. Holley’s Mum also drives a tractor and trains race horses. We also had a Dance Teacher visit us and we got to have a dance lesson which was really fun! When I grow up I want to be a Bus Driver’ By Ryan N Moonstone Class

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