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September FGB

Our first FGB of the new academic year took place last night; everyone was in high spirits and looking forward to the challenges that the year will undoubtedly bring. We had a welcome addition in the form of a new potential member to the governing body. Jenni whose son started in year 1 recently following their move from South Africa shadowed the meeting to scope out what the life of a governor was like. Hopefully she's not been scared off as we would welcome her HR experience on the team! A few significant changes to our line up. Phillip Niemand stepped down as Chair of governors. Phil has given a lot of time and energy into the school and both the SLT and governing body recognise his amazing efforts and good spirits. Our thanks for everything he has put into the role, happily Phil is remaining a governor for the school at least until his current term ends. Dave Howson has been elected into fill Phil's shoes as Chair of governors and is looking forward to the challenges and support he will be able to offer to the school and all our wonderful pupils! Additionally Clare Gardner steps into the role of Curriculum Chair, taking over from Ben who needed to step back a little for a while. Mike Smyth takes on the mantel of Chair for premises, and Phil continues in his role as Chair for Finance.

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