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Home Learning Resources for Year 1 Children During The COVID-19 Pandemic

This page will be used to provide information and resources for children and families to access whilst schools are closed.

We have set up year group email addresses for the children to keep in touch with their teachers. Please use the email address below and include your child's name and class name in the subject line.

Please feel free to send us children's work for comments and next steps or any queries about home learning.

Social Story to explain the Coronavirus

Support for Mental Health and Wellbeing here

A letter from our School Nursing Team

Please see the attached letter for contact details of the school nursing team should you need support during this time.





Suggested Daily Timetable


Weekly Activity Plans

Term 4 - Rumble in the Jungle

Year 1 Weekly Activity Plan w.c 23/3/20

An outline of daily activities to be completed at home.

Year 1 Weekly Activity Plan w.c. 30/3/20

A set of suggested activities to complete at home this week. Feel free to adapt activities to suit your schedule.

Easter Activity Plan w.c. 6/4/20 and 13.4.20

It’s the Easter holidays! Over the next two weeks, please feel free to have a go at the suggested, fun activities above throughout the Easter holidays.


Fancy making some hot cross buns in the holidays? Follow this child friendly recipe.

                               Term 5 - Amazing Inventors




It's time to find problems to solve and get creative as we challenge you to explore the world of inventors and inventions. You will learn about some of the inventions that have changed the lives of people throughout history as well as having a go at being inventors yourselves. 

Term 5 Year 1 topic web (Inventors)

This topic web indicates what we would be learning about at school and what skills we would be continuing to practise. It provides you with some ideas of what you could decide to do at home with your children.


Weekly activity plan w.c. 20/04/20

Supporting resources:

Weekly activity plan w.c. 27/04/20

Supporting resources: 

Weekly activity plan w.c. 04/05/20

Supporting Resources

Weekly activity plan w.c. 11/05/20

Supporting Resources

Weekly activity plan w.c. 18/05/20

Supporting Resources


Term 6 - Celebrating Stories!








This term we are celebrating stories and authors. We love reading and how it can take us on exciting adventures and to far away places even though in reality we are sat comfortably in our homes. Our work this term will be themed around different texts, some we think will be familiar and some which may be new but the overall purpose is to enjoy reading and experience adventures! 


Weekly activity plan w.c. 01/06/2020

Supporting Resources

Weekly activity plan w.c. 08/06/2020

Supporting Resources




Weekly activity plan w.c. 15/06/2020

Supporting Resources

Weekly Activity Plan w.c. 22/06/2020

Supporting Resources:

Weekly Activity Plan w.c. 29/06/2020

Supporting Resources:


Weekly Activity Plan w.c. 06/07/2020

Supporting Resources:

Transition to Year 2 resources:

*NEW* Weekly Activity Plan 13/07/2020 (THE LAST WEEK OF TERM!!!)

Supporting Resources:

Transition​ to Year 2 Resources:

Useful Websites and Apps

Useful Websites:​​

       Username: student5731  Password: paulton

      Phonics, Reading and Literacy


      Resources for Maths


Have you seen Andy's Wild Workouts.. short animal themed exercise videos

Phonics, Reading and Writing 

Your child has brought home several books in their book bag. Please share these together and any other books you have.

Please also go to our separate phonics and reading pages for more information on how to teach phonics

Resources for Phonics, Reading and Writing


Phase 2 and 3 sound mat

Phase 5 sound mat

A list of Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words

Read, write and colour tricky word dinosaur

How to form letters 1

How to form letters 2


For information, guidance and suggested daily activities, White Rose Maths are a great source of information. Some of the activities do require some resources that you may not have at home so please do not worry if there are certain things you cannot complete. All activities are available to look at as and when you need to so there is no need to complete tasks on a set day and it is a great way for children to consolidate, practise and over-learn skills and concepts during this school closure period. Activities, information and guidance can be found here:

Please also go to our separate maths page for more information, ideas and resources on how to teach maths

     Useful Websites for Maths




Accessing Real PE at home

Please click on the link here to direct you to the Real PE online web page.


Please use this flexibly and find a routine that works for you and your family at this time. We do not advise that you insist on implementation of a typical school day timetable. Use this as a guide to ensure some academic learning time but also ensure you allow creative time, quiet time, outdoor time (safely) as this is essential in ensuring well-being for yourself and your child/ren.

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