Home Learning Resources for Year 2 Children During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Please use this page to keep updated in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The information on this page will support you during the school closure for your Year 2 children. To support your child in understanding you may also want to make use of our social story explaining COVID-19 and the reason for the school closure. 

We have set up year group email addresses for the children to keep in touch with their teachers. Please use the email address below and include your child's name and class name in the subject line.


Support for Mental Health and Wellbeing here

A letter from our School Nursing Team

Please see the attached letter for contact details of the school nursing team should you need support during this time.

Year 2 overview of ideas for home

Here is an overview of learning activities that will be shared and can be accessed across the duration of the school closure. Remember this is just a guide and you can be flexible with these suggested tasks and children's personal learning interests are equally as important. There is no obligation to print these out. Lots of the tasks could be done on paper alongside the screen version. You may also access some of these tasks in multiple ways and multiple times a week (i.e. handwriting, reading tasks, Common Exception Word (CEW) pyramid writing etc). Below you will find specific information for daily tasks as set by the Year 2 team. At the bottom of the page you will find useful websites, apps and information that may also be of support to you during this time.

Suggested Daily Timetable

Please use this flexibly and find a routine that works for you and your family at this time. We do not advise that you insist on implementation of a typical school day timetable. Use this as a guide to ensure some academic learning time but also ensure you allow creative time, quiet time, outdoor time (safely) as this is essential in ensuring well-being for yourself and your child/ren.

Current Home Learning:

Please remember these are proposed learning tasks and we recognise that you may not complete them all on set days and you can access them as you need to across the week in ways that support yourselves and your families. Below you will find key resources to support you with accessing our overview grid and remember you can ask questions should you need to using our email address. We do not expect work to be printed and where possible we are attempting to provide learning opportunities with minimal resources for you all at home with all links accessible through the overview document. Equally as important as the home learning we set is allowing your children to pursue and investigate their own learning tasks incorporating their interests as well as life skills such as cooking, cleaning or even gardening.Take care, stay safe and keep in touch!

Term 6 Week 7 Overview

Resources for Monday 13.07.2020


Read 'The Night Pirates' by Peter Harris. You can listen to the story on YouTube here or we have a PDF version of the book here.Use your comprehension bookmark to answer 5 questions about the story. 


Today we want you to plan your own pirate adventure. Think about about your characters, the setting and what might happen in the story. You may want to borrow ideas from Pirate stories you have read. Here is a story planning page to help if you would like it. 


White Rose Learning: Summer Term, Week 11, Lesson 1: Litres & WRM Resource

(Note- if you have already covered this work you can use the WRM website to access alternative activities but we do recommend you repeat to consolidate your learning as well)

Resources for Tuesday 14.07.2020


Read and answer the questions on your comprehension sheet - 'How to Make A Pirate Stew'


Look over your plan from yesterday. Remind yourself about your characters, setting, problem. Use your ideas sheet to help you to story map your own Pirate Adventure. You may want to add some key words and phrases to help remind you what happens. When you have finished can you practise telling your story.


White Rose Learning: Summer Term, Week 11, Lesson 2: Temperature & WRM Resource

(Note- if you have already covered this work you can use the WRM website to access alternative activities but we do recommend you repeat to consolidate your learning as well)

Resources for Wednesday 15.07.2020


Write a book review for one of these pirate books or another one that you have at home. 

Option 1:The Beastly Pirates              Option 2: Plunge into the Pirate Pool         Option 3: Pirate Pete and his Parrot

Here is our usual Book Review Template


Today we would like you to write the beginning of your story. Make sure you introduce your character and setting. Remember to include a title for your own swashbuckling adventure. Include an illustration for what has happened so far. 


White Rose Learning: Summer Term, Week 11 Lesson 3: O'clock and Half Past WRM Resource

(Note- if you have already covered this work you can use the WRM website to access alternative activities but we do recommend you repeat to consolidate your learning as well)

Resources for Thursday 16.07.2020


Read and answer the questions on your comprehension sheet - 'Stowaway Stefan'


Today, look over your story from yesterday. Check it and see where you got to. Next focus on writing the middle of your story. Remember to include a problem that needs to be solve. When you have finished you can draw an illustration to go with your story.


White Rose Learning: Summer Term, Week 11, Lesson 4: Quarter Past & Quarter To & WRM Resource

(Note- if you have already covered this work you can use the WRM website to access alternative activities but we do recommend you repeat to consolidate your learning as well)

Resources for Friday 17.07.2020


Read the words that link to our 'Pirate' theme and find them hidden in the Word Search.


Today is time to bring your Pirate Adventure to an exciting end. If you haven't already solved the problem in the story then now is the time to resolve it. Will your story end happily? Check your work, polish it and improve. Add a final illustration :) 


White Rose Learning: Summer Term, Week 11 Lesson 5: Friday Challenge

Wider Curriculum:


Access Yolanda's Band Jam here. Explore the musical concepts and think about the different styles of music or instruments. 


Design and make your own treasure map. There are some instructions here for you if you would like them .Don't forget to show where X marks the spot. 


Continue to explore Floating and Sinking. There is a useful video here but you can also use other sources of information and search espresso too. We would like you to design your own pirate ship and test it to see if it can float. There is a Pirate Ship Investigation page to help you here if you would like it. 


Research the continents of Oceania or Australia as we continue to move around the globe. See what you can find out and share facts. You could use a Fact-file Template  or present your findings in a way of your choice.

If you need them here are the ordinary 'Country Fact-file Templates' here


Remember there is 'The Cautious Caterpillar' available here. To finish off your time at Paulton Infant School we would like you to make a memory page of your time at Paulton Infant School. There is a template here. Celebrate all you have achieved because you have made us so proud and we wish you the best of luck for Year 3. 


Previous Home Learning:


Term 6 Home Learning:

Week 1 (WC 01/06/2020) Overview & Resources

Week 2 (WC 08/06/2020) Overview & Resources

Week 3 (WC 15/06/2020) Overview & Resources

Week 4 (WC 22/06/2020) Overview & Resources

Week 5 (WC 29/06/2020) Overview & Resources

Week 6 (WC 06/07/2020) Overview & Resources

Week 7 (WC 13/07/2020) Overview & Resources

Term 5 Home Learning:

Week 1 (WC 28/04/2020) Overview & Resources

Week 2 (WC 27/04/2020) Overview & Resources

Week 3 (WC 04/05/2020) Overview & Resources

Week 4 (WC 11/05/2020) Overview & Resources

Week 5 (WC 18/05/2020) Overview & Resources

Easter Break:

Easter Activity Plan (WC 06/04/2020) and (WC13.04.2020)

Term 4 Home Learning:

Week 1 Overview (WC 23/03/2020)

Week 2 Overview (WC 30/03/2020)

Useful Websites, Apps and Important Information:​​



Below is a list of useful websites that can support you and your family during this time:

                      username: student5731    password: paulton



These are useful apps that we have used in school which we encourage you to use as required at home. Many of these are free but will need you to make an account. 

  • Teach your monster to read

  • Scratch Junior

  • Doodlemaths

  • Vooks (e books) [Also accessible on the internet at www.vooks.co.uk]

Subject Specific Information and Guidance:


Phonics, Reading and Writing

In light of school closure, your child has brought home several books in their book bag. Please share these together and remember we welcome and encourage you to make use of the books you have at home too.

We have also provided a question prompt book mark to support your child's comprehension skills during reading opportunities. Remember you won't use all of the questions but should aim to use a mixture of around 3-4 questions per session. Here is the bookmark should you need an additional copy:

Reading bookmark with question prompts

Useful Phonics/ Reading websites

       username: classname20 (e.g. jade20) password: books

Please also go to our separate phonics and reading pages for more information on how to teach phonics and support your child

Useful resources:

Phase 5 sound mat

A list of Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words

How to form letters 1 


How to form letters 2

Letter formation strip



Please see below information to support maths teaching during the school closures. This includes a range of websites where interactive games can be used as part of your child's consolidation work.

For information, guidance and suggested daily activities, White Rose Maths are a great source of information. Some of the activities do require some resources that you may not have at home so please do not worry if there are certain things you cannot complete. All activities are available to look at as and when you need to so there is no need to complete tasks on a set day and it is a great way for children to consolidate, practise and over-learn skills and concepts during this school closure period. Activities, information and guidance can be found here: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/

Useful Maths websites

Please also go to our separate maths page for more information, ideas and resources on how to teach maths

Useful resources:

100 square

Blank 100 square

If and when staff identify further useful resources that will support the children at home, this page will be updated accordingly so please keep checking the website for updates and further information. Stay safe and we hope to see you all soon!


Accessing Real PE at home

Please click on the link here to direct you to the Real PE online web page.

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