Home Learning Resources for Year 2 Children During The COVID-19 Pandemic

Please use this page to keep updated in light of the COVID-19 Pandemic. The information on this page will support you during the school closure for your Year 2 children. To support your child in understanding you may also want to make use of our social story explaining COVID-19 and the reason for the school closure. 

A letter from our School Nursing Team

Please see the attached letter for contact details of the school nursing team should you need support during this time.

Year 2 overview of ideas for home

Here is an overview of learning activities that will be shared and can be accessed across the duration of the school closure. Remember this is just a guide and you can be flexible with these suggested tasks and children's personal learning interests are equally as important. There is no obligation to print these out. Lots of the tasks could be done on paper alongside the screen version. You may also access some of these tasks in multiple ways and multiple times a week (i.e. handwriting, reading tasks, Common Exception Word (CEW) pyramid writing etc). Below you will find specific information for daily tasks as set by the Year 2 team. At the bottom of the page you will find useful websites, apps and information that may also be of support to you during this time.

Suggested Daily Timetable




Please use this flexibly and find a routine that works for you and your family at this time. We do not advise that you insist on implementation of a typical school day timetable. Use this as a guide to ensure some academic learning time but also ensure you allow creative time, quiet time, outdoor time (safely) as this is essential in ensuring well-being for yourself and your child/ren.

Week 2 Overview (WC 30/03/2020)

Here is an overview for WC. 30/03/2020. These are proposed learning tasks and we recognise that you may not complete them all on set days and you can access them as you need to across the week in ways that support yourselves and your families. We have added key resources to support you with accessing this overview grid and remember you can ask questions should you need to.

Just a polite reminder that there will be no work sent home during the typical Easter break but we will send some suggestions of some fun Easter activities for WC: 6.4.20 and WC: 13.4.20. Stay safe!

Tasks for Monday 30.03.2020

Necessary Resources:

Reading - 60 second read: Helicopter Tour of London

Maths – Pictograms Activity 1

Pre- Writing Task – Research Facts about Brunel: https://www.bbc.co.uk/teach/class-clips-video/true-stories-isambard-kingdom-brunel/zjrtvk7

Tasks for Tuesday 31.03.2020

Necessary Resources:

Reading- Read a story and write a book review: Book Review Template

Maths- Pictogram Activity 2

Writing- Create some super sentences/facts about Brunel using the sentence maker here to help

Tasks for Wednesday 01.04.2020

Necessary Resources:

Reading- log on to www.vooks.co.uk and enjoy a story together.

Maths- 4 Questions Sheet. Practise those methods. Arithmetic Sheet

Writing- Use your Brunel fact and sentence ideas from Monday and Tuesday to create an information poster

Tasks for Thursday 02.04.2020

​Necessary Resources:

Reading-Read a story and write a book review: Book Review Template

Maths- 4 Questions Sheet: Reasoning Sheet

Topic/Writing: Over the next two days: Choose one of Brunel’s inventions (e.g. Clifton Suspension bridge, railway etc) and draw and label it.

Tasks for Friday 03.04.2020

Necessary Resources:

Reading- 60 second read: Marvellous Moon Tours

Maths- Number investigation: Consecutive Numbers

Topic/Writing: Continued from yesterday: Choose one of Brunel’s inventions (e.g. Clifton Suspension bridge, railway etc) and draw and label it.

Information for the week beginning 20.04.20 will be posted during the week beginning 13.04.20


Below is all the work posted from our first week of closure.

Week 1 Overview (WC 23/03/2020)

Tasks for Monday 23.03.2020

Necessary Resources:

Reading - 60 second read: The Most Heroic Hero

Maths - Fraction Flags

Writing - Useful story support - Story planning      Sentence openers word mat  

                                                  Example story opener

Tasks for Tuesday 24.03.2020

Necessary Resources:

Reading- Read a story and write a book review: Book Review Template

Maths- Shape Hunt

Writing- Write the opening of your story in your home learning book (use your existing resources)

Tasks for Wednesday 25.03.2020

Necessary Resources:

Reading- log on to www.vooks.co.uk and enjoy a story together.

Maths- 4 Questions Sheet. Practise those methods. Arithmetic Sheet

Writing- Write the build up and problem for your story (use your existing resources)

Tasks for Thursday 26.03.2020

Necessary Resources:

Reading-Read a story and write a book review: Book Review Template

Maths- Exploring halves

Writing- Write the resolution and ending of your story (use your existing resources)

Tasks for Friday 27.03.2020

Necessary Resources:

Reading- 60 second read: The Fearless Four

Maths- 4 Questions Sheet: Reasoning Sheet

Writing- Edit and improve your work. Draw an illustration to go with your story




Useful Websites, Apps and Important Information:​​



Below is a list of useful websites that can support you and your family during this time:

                      username: student5731    password: paulton



These are useful apps that we have used in school which we encourage you to use as required at home. Many of these are free but will need you to make an account. 

  • Teach your monster to read

  • Scratch Junior

  • Doodlemaths

  • Vooks (e books) [Also accessible on the internet at www.vooks.co.uk]

Subject Specific Information and Guidance:


Phonics, Reading and Writing

In light of school closure, your child has brought home several books in their book bag. Please share these together and remember we welcome and encourage you to make use of the books you have at home too.

We have also provided a question prompt book mark to support your child's comprehension skills during reading opportunities. Remember you won't use all of the questions but should aim to use a mixture of around 3-4 questions per session. Here is the bookmark should you need an additional copy:

Reading bookmark with question prompts

Useful Phonics/ Reading websites

       username: classname20 (e.g. jade20) password: books

Please also go to our separate phonics and reading pages for more information on how to teach phonics and support your child

Useful resources:

Phase 5 sound mat

A list of Year 1 and Year 2 common exception words

How to form letters 1 


How to form letters 2

Letter formation strip



Please see below information to support maths teaching during the school closures. This includes a range of websites where interactive games can be used as part of your child's consolidation work.

For information, guidance and suggested daily activities, White Rose Maths are a great source of information. Some of the activities do require some resources that you may not have at home so please do not worry if there are certain things you cannot complete. All activities are available to look at as and when you need to so there is no need to complete tasks on a set day and it is a great way for children to consolidate, practise and over-learn skills and concepts during this school closure period. Activities, information and guidance can be found here: https://whiterosemaths.com/homelearning/

Useful Maths websites

Please also go to our separate maths page for more information, ideas and resources on how to teach maths

Useful resources:

100 square

Blank 100 square

If and when staff identify further useful resources that will support the children at home, this page will be updated accordingly so please keep checking the website for updates and further information. Stay safe and we hope to see you all soon!

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