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    Mrs Hogan - Headteacher

    Mrs Hogan is the Headteacher. She is also the School Safeguarding and Child Protection Officer as well as the Looked After Children officer.

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    Mrs Butcher - Deputy Head Teacher

    Mrs Butcher is the Deputy Headteacher.

    Mrs Butcher teaches Topaz Class in Key Stage 1 (Year 1 and 2). She leads on Mathematics and Music.

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    Miss Perrett -

    Miss Perrett leads History and Geography and teaches Emerald Class in Key Stage One. (Year 1 and 2.) She has just taken responsibility for School Council.

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    Miss Saunders -


    Miss Saunders teaches in Ruby Class in Reception. She is also Art, DT and RE Leader.

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    Mr Cozens -

    Mr Cozens teaches Sapphire class in Key Stage One. (Year 1 and 2). He also leads Science and has recently taken on responsibility for EMAS.

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    Mrs Harding -

    Mrs Harding is our PSHE and OPAL lead; she currently teaches Jade class in Reception Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

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    Mrs Holmes - Teacher

    Mrs Holmes is English Coordinator and leads Key Stage 1. She teaches Jade class in EYFS from on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday.

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    Mrs Kendrew -

    Mrs Kendrew is currently on maternity leave.

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    Mrs Perry -

    Mrs Perry  is our SENCO. She also teaches in Amethyst Class in Key Stage One (Year 1/2).

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    Mrs Swift - Reception Teacher

    Mrs Swift is our EYFS lead. She teaches Opal Class in Reception. She also coordinates P.E.

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    Mrs Upham -

    Mrs Upham teaches Diamond Class in Key Stage One (Year 1 and Year 2). She leads Computing.