Sub Committees

Within the Governing Body, we have a number of sub-committees, each responsible for a different part of the school environment: All committees meet in terms 2, 4 and 6 unless stated otherwise

​Curriculum & Play

Chair: David Rutt

To have a detailed insight into the breadth of the curriculum, knowledge and understanding and achievement progress in order to report back to the full governing body.

Finance, Personnel, Premises and Safety

Joint Chair: Jenni Ring and Dave Howson 


Finance has an extra meeting in Term 5 to approve Final Budget.

To assist the decision making of the governing body, by giving more detailed consideration to the best means of fulfilling the governing body’s responsibility of ensuring sound management of Paulton Infant School finances and resources, including proper planning and monitoring. The committee has oversight of all the school’s financial activities and obligations and will make recommendations.The  committee is also concerned with the use of premises, grounds, extended school facilities and the safety and welfare of the staff, pupils and visitors to the school. The committee may make recommendations on accommodation, catering, cleaning, decorating and maintenance as well as Safeguarding, Health & Safety and protection of children.

Performance Management

Chair: Dave Howson

Performance Management committee meet annually 

To evaluate and monitor the performance of the Head Teacher in relation to their specific objectives set previously as well as their overall management of the school. Discussion of the Head Teachers performance is in conjunction with a school improvement adviser (Wendy Hiscox) and will make recommendations to the governing body on the Head Teacher’s salary.

Ad hoc 

From time to time the governing body will deem it necessary to form an ad hoc panel or committee made up with members from the governing team dependant on experience and availability.These can be, but not limited to staff pay, appeals or complaint escalations

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