Term 3: Pole to Pole

Welcome back! We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas break and are relaxed and ready for our next topic called Pole to Pole. 


Our topic this term is a really exciting one that will have a geography focus.  Throughout the term we will be naming and recognising continents, countries and oceans of the world and have a particular focus on the Arctic and the Antarctic. We will also be thinking about habitats (with a particular focus on Polar regions), different animals and how they are adapted to live in such cold places such as Polar Bears and Arctic Foxes. Further work will involve us thinking about historical individuals like Scot of the Antarctic and we will even be holding our very own 'Dress up as an Explorer Day' and welcoming the Explorer Dome to help us with our learning. What a great term we have planned!

Home Learning:

Following the recent announcement regarding school closures, you will find everything needed for children to complete their learning at home. Please remember these are proposed learning tasks and we recognise that you may not complete them all on set days and you can access them as you need to across the week in ways that support yourselves and your families. You are of course also welcome to revisit older tasks if you need to. Where possible, we are making use of White Rose Maths, NCETM videos,  Oak Academy and Letters and Sounds resources to support our children at home whilst we are working in school. Class teachers will also hold 'live' zoom check in sessions each week (starting from week 2) with all children that are at home and you will be contacted about this by your child's teacher prior to this starting.


To support home learning you will find an overview and a resources folder below.

The 'overview' will explain what resources are needed and what the task entails and provide a screenshot of specific learning resources that could be used but remember to be flexible and allow your children to complete tasks as they are able to. We do not expect you to print resources to use, they are merely here as a guide or screen prompt and you are free to use paper from home or your previous home learning book should you have it. 

'Resources; that you need are accessible from the 'Resources' link. This will download a zip file with everything you need and the resources mentioned in the overview.  NOTE: This works best on a laptop or a computer. If you are accessing via a tablet or phone there are specific steps you will need to follow to be able to unzip the file contents. Please contact the school email addresses and somebody will support with this as soon as possible. 

Equally as important as the home learning we set, we encourage allowing your children to pursue and investigate their own learning tasks incorporating their interests as well as life skills such as cooking, cleaning or even gardening.


If you have any questions or problems, remember to email using our year group emails (Y1@paulton-inf.bathnes.sch.uk or Y2@paulton-inf.bathnes.sch.uk) and put your child's name and class in the subject line where a member of the team will respond as soon as possible. Please also use these email addresses to provide a regular- at least weekly- update to your child's class teacher with photographs, comments, videos (however you would like to) of the learning that children have completed. We would all love to see it! 


We hope you all stay safe and take care during this strange time once again and would like to thank you once more for your continued support!

Kind regards

The KS1 Team. 

Week 1 (WC 04.01.2021)

Overview and Resources

Week 2 (WC 11.01.2021) 

Overview and Resources

Week 3 (WC 18.01.2021)

Overview and Resources

Week 4 (WC 25.01.2021)

Overview and Resources

Week 5 (WC 01.02.2021)

Overview and Resources

Week 6 (WC 08.02.2021)

Overview and Resources

Useful Websites & Apps


Websites for additional learning opportunities:​​

Below is a list of useful websites that can support you and your family during this time:​

      username: student5731

      password: paulton

Websites that offer interactive games:

      username: jan21

      password: home

Websites for Reading Support:

      username: class20 (i.e. topaz20) 

      password: books

Useful Youtube Channels:



These are useful apps that we have used in school which we encourage you to use as required at home. Some of these are free but will need you to make an account whilst others are paid apps.

  • Teach your monster to read

  • Hairy Letters

  • Scratch Junior

  • Tux Paint

  • Beebot

If you discover something really useful that you think others might enjoy, please share with us so that we can share the links and information with our school community. Thank you for your continued support.