Term 5

Welcome Back!

We hope that you have all had a fantastic Easter break and are feeling relaxed and ready for the new term ahead. It was lovely to meet with you all at the end of last term. Please remember if you have any questions or concerns to speak to your child's class teacher. 

A Bug's Life:














Welcome back to Term 5. How quickly this year seems to be going! Our next topic is called 'A Bug's Life' and we are sure your children are going to love this topic! We will be making the most of good weather and being outside as much as possible to explore seasonal changes and also local microhabitats at playscape. We will be going on minibeast hunts and thinking about the different kinds of minibeasts there are. We will be developing our use of questions and using this to write super minibeast riddles and hopefully be able to design and make our own minibeast hotels for the tiny critters around us. Who knows, we might even have some interesting little friends joining us in the classroom and watching them grow and change. What could they be? We are sure you are going to love this topic as much as we do!


Homework Tasks and Expectations:


Please continue to read with your children as much as possible. We recommend short daily reading opportunities and regularly rereading familiar books- this can really help to build fluency and develop sight reading skills. It is also important to remember to ask simple questions as you go as this will help children's comprehension. These could be about what has just happened, how a character is feeling, why they choose to do something or what might happen next. It is also important to discuss new vocabulary with children. 

Phonics & Spelling

If your child finds phonics difficult, it is really important that they regularly recap the learnt phonemes from their phonic sessions in school. This helps children overlearn the phonemes and supports them with recognising the phoneme as graphemes which not only supports fluency in reading but is really important for writing too. Below are some links to some simple videos with Mrs Elford to help your child recap phonemes for phase 2, Phase 3 and Phase 5. Practising this daily as part of reading opportunities can really help make fantastic progress. We recommend that your child watches it once to listen and repeat and then mute the video to say the sound that Mrs Elford is holding up!

When children are writing at home it is really important to encourage children to use their independent sounds as this helps them correctly apply their phonics knowledge within their writing. Using Pyramid writing is a really good way of supporting your child with mastering spelling tricky words or words that they are finding difficult. In Year 1 and 2 we have Common Exception Words which children must be able to read and spell correctly by the end of Key Stage 1. These are words that can't be phonetically sounded out and are words that need to be remembered. Below you will find the Year 1 and Year 2 Common Exception Words. Please choose up to 5 a week to work on with your child at home to support them with their spelling and also work on specific words that they may be finding difficult. 

Home Learning:

Should your child need to self isolate due to themselves or a member of the family displaying symptoms we have provided opportunities that mirror the learning that would be happening in school. Please remember these are proposed learning tasks and we recognise that you may not complete them all on set days and you can access them as you need to across the week in ways that support yourselves and your families and feel free to revisit older tasks if you need to.


The 'overview' will explain what resources are needed and what the task entails and provide a screenshot of specific learning resources that could be used but remember to be flexible and allow your children to complete tasks as they are able to. We do not expect you to print resources to use, they are merely here as a guide or screen prompt and you are free to use paper from home or your previous home learning book should you have it. 

'Resources; that you need are accessible from the 'Resources' link. This will download a zip file with everything you need and the resources mentioned in the overview.  NOTE: This works best on a laptop or a computer. If you are accessing via a tablet or phone you may not be able to download the folder so please use the year group email and someone will respond ASAP. 

Equally as important as the home learning we set, we encourage allowing your children to pursue and investigate their own learning tasks incorporating their interests as well as life skills such as cooking, cleaning or even gardening.


If you have any questions or problems, remember to email using our year group emails (Y1@paulton-inf.bathnes.sch.uk or Y2@paulton-inf.bathnes.sch.uk) and put your child's name and class in the subject line where a member of the team will respond as soon as possible. Take care!

Week 1 (WC 19.04.2021)

Overview and Resources 

Week 2 (WC 26.04.2021) 

Overview and Resources

Week 3 (WC 03.05.2021)

Overview and Resources

Week 4 (WC 10.05.2021)

Overview and Resources 

Week 5 (WC 17.05.2021)

Overview and Resources

Week 6 (WC 24.05.2021)

Overview and Resources

Useful Websites & Apps


Websites for additional learning opportunities:​​

Below is a list of useful websites that can support you and your family during this time:​

      username: student5731                        

      password: paulton

Websites that offer interactive games:

Websites for Reading Support:

      username: class20 (i.e. topaz20 or sapphire20 etc)         

      password: books

Useful Youtube Channels:



These are useful apps that we have used in school which we encourage you to use as required at home. Some of these are free but will need you to make an account whilst others are paid apps.

  • Teach your monster to read

  • Hairy Letters

  • Scratch Junior

  • Tux Paint

  • Beebot

If you discover something really useful that you think others might enjoy, please share with us so that we can share the links and information with our school community. Thank you for your continued support.