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During what can only be described as unprecedented times, it is safe to say that we are all struggling to understand and grasp the current situation. For our children, the confusion and anxiety over what is going on around them will naturally grow as time goes on and especially as we are unable to give them definitive answers over when or if we will return to normal. 

To support our children in school we would usually use social stories that help them make sense of concepts and situations that they otherwise may not be familiar with. Although your child may not need to access all or any of these social stories, we have compiled a resource bank that may be of support for you throughout the period of school closure. Please do get in touch if you need further support or guidance. 

To support children settling back into school in September, we have wriiten a Recovery Curriculum Plan.

Please click here to see this plan.

Example Social Stories

Corona Virus Social Story.jpg


Learning at Home:

Coming to School:

Managing Feelings:

Social Contact:


Please remember that these are to be used as necessary for your child.


Additional Support:

Guidance for supporting Mental Health and well being at home here

Support for family bereavement:

Should it be that over the course of school closure you feel that you need some guidance or support, we have been made aware of the following services from the B&NES School Nursing Team. Information can be found here: School Nursing Support. 

The following website also has lots of useful support ideas for families:

A list of well being apps, which may be useful in supporting those experiencing isolation, anxiety and increased stress can be found here.

A list of educational apps that you may find useful for home learning can be found here.

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