Year 1

Year 1

Term 6 – By the Seaside

We’ve made it to term 6! Where has the time gone?

We have a sunny, summery topic to take us to the end of the school year. As well as geographical features of the coast we’ll be thinking about our own holidays and trips to the beach and how the Victorians enjoyed the seaside. We will even be going on a trip to Weston-super-Mare! (Different classes will go on different days – details will follow soon).

Other highlights this term will be the Year 1 outing to Sing as One and, later, our Year 2 summer production: Pirates Versus Mermaids.

Summer’s coming!

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Term 5 – A Bug’s Life

The snow has gone and spring is here!

We are really looking forward to a science heavy term exploring nature. This week we have welcomed into school some new babies in the form of tiny caterpillars! Over just 5 days we have already seen them more than double in size and we are excited about observing the next stage in their journey to becoming butterflies. Thank you to all those of you who donated gardening resources. We have already started planting!

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Term 4 – Superheroes

Welcome back! We hope you had a lovely half term. At least the sun came out eventually!

We are really excited about our topic this term. As well as giving our imaginations a chance to run free with invisibility powers and super-strength, we have a chance to consider what it means to be a truly super human being. We will learn about historical figures such as Emmeline Pankhurst and Martin Luther King  who changed the course of history. We will encourage conversations about what is just and unjust and how we might choose to behave. We will also think those little acts we can commit every day that can help us be great. For example, asking our parents how they are or putting our own washing away! We can all be superheroes!

World book day: Thursday 1st March – dress up as a character from a book

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Term 3 – Pole to Pole

Happy New Year! We hope you have had a wonderful break and are ready for some fun adventures in 2018.

This term we will be really thinking about our planet and learning about different climates and wildlife that can be found around the globe. We are looking forward to our trip to Bristol Aquarium as this will really help bring our learning to life. Children who have been on this trip before have found it very interesting and memorable. Details will follow in the new term.

We look forward to seeing you back on Wednesday 3rd January 2018.

Aquarium Trip Dates:

Monday 8th January – Amethyst

Monday 15th January – Topaz and Sapphire

Monday 22nd January – Emerald and Diamond

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We are very excited about our 2 week free trial with the app DoodleMaths. Children are coming home with details of  their personal usernames and passwords. They will also bring home the attached letter detailing how you can choose to extend their membership to a year. Challenge: Can you reach 100 doodlestars in 7 days?

doodlemaths letter

Here is a taster video of what DoodleMaths offers.

Term 2 – Sweets Galore!

A huge thank you for such a great start to the school year! We all thoroughly enjoyed term 1 where we got to know each other while exploring dungeons, dragons and drawbridges. We not only managed an excellent trip to Farleigh Hungerford Castle but enjoyed a fine feast as well! Huzzah!

In Term 2 our topic is ‘Sweets Galore’. Combine this with our author of the term ‘Roald Dahl’, and we have the perfect opportunity to read ‘Charlie and the Chocolate Factory’ and get our imaginations going in the ‘inventing room’.

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Term 1 – Across The Drawbridge

Welcome back everyone. We hope you all have had great summer.

KS1 Newsletter Term 1 2017

Our topic this term will be Castles and Dragons. Details of the curriculum are in our topic web:

Topic Web Term 1 Year 1 2017

If you have any questions about the start of term or how you can help your children at home, please do not hesitate to speak to child’s class teacher.

Useful Information:

Please check your child’s classroom door for swimming details.

  • Amethyst and Diamond will swim on Wednesday mornings
  • Topaz , Sapphire and Emerald will swim on Friday mornings.

If you are DBS checked and are able to help please sign up. We are always so grateful for your help and support and could not carry on without you!

Please make sure full PE kit is in school every day from the beginning of every term. We will send home reminder texts if kit isn’t in school. Please ensure children have the correct kit, blue/black shorts and white/blue t-shirt, trainers or daps as well as jogging bottoms for colder weather.

Please make sure your child has a named pair of wellies to pop on the rack for our trips to the Playscape!

We would like bookbags in school every day as there will be more opportunities to read in school. Your child will still have a designated bookbag day when they will read to their class teacher or class TA and when books are changed. Please write a short comment in your child’s yellow reading record to let us know how they are getting on! If you would like to support with reading in school please see you child’s class teacher, we would be really grateful for extra help this year!

Homework will be starting in Week 3 and there will be a detailed outline in your child’s homework book at the start of each term.

If you have any further queries or questions please do not hesitate to talk to your child’s class teacher.

Thank you!

KS1 Team