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Intent Statement:
At Paulton Infant School, we believe that a broad and balanced Geography education is the entitlement of all children, regardless of their needs.

As an infant school in a small town in the South-West of England we consider the particular context of our learners. At the same time our children are supported in developing fundamental geographical skills including map-reading and knowledge of continents and seas.

Through Geography it is possible to encourage and develop the wonder young children have about the world in which they live.  Geography teaching at Paulton Infant School aims to stimulate the children’s interest and understanding about the lives of people and the different places in which they live. Through their studies in Geography, children learn about their local area.  They compare life in this area with that in other regions in the United Kingdom and in the rest of the world. This comparison enables children to gain an appreciation of different societies and cultures, leading them to realise how nations rely on each other.

Children learn how our environment affects all aspects of our lives.  Children also learn that the way we live and the life choices we make affect our environment.

Geography Cycle A  Curriculum Map

Geography Cycle B  Curriculum Map
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