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Language of the Term


A display of many languages spoken at our school, made with contributions from families at our school. 

At Paulton Infant School we respect and celebrate every child – their background, their culture, their faith and the languages they speak. Through our curriculum, we support all of our children to understand their place in the community and the wider word. We understand that children, families and staff in our school community come from a range of backgrounds and experiences and we ensure all children from BME and EAL backgrounds experience a good quality education and enable them to achieve in line with their peers. Each term at Paulton Infant School, we celebrate a different language with our "Language of the Term" which is run by Miss Light, our EMAS lead. 

Language of the Term helps us to recognise and celebrate the different languages, cultures and traditions of families in Paulton and around the world. Over their time at Paulton Infant school, children will be exposed to 12 different languages as part of our Language of the Term programme. As they attend our school for three years, this means they will be exposed to six of the languages twice, providing opportunities to revisit their learning and build on their vocabulary. The language chosen each term reflects the range of languages spoken by current pupils of our school and their families or provides links to our topic learning where possible. We will review the Language of the Term Cycles regularly to ensure languages spoken reflect our school community and has links to our curriculum. 

Term 1 - Tagalog

Term 2 - Russian

Russian Flag.webp

Term 3 - Italian

Italian Flag.webp

Term 4 - Portuguese

Portugal Flag.png
Portugal Map 2_edited.jpg

Portuguese is among the 10 most spoken languages in the world, but only 5% of its speakers live in Portugal.


It is spoken in the following countries:


Portugal, Brazil, the United States of America, Canada, India, Macau, France, Mozambique, Angola, Indonesia, Spain, Guinea Bissau, Germany, the United Kingdom, the Cape Verde Islands, and Sao Tome e Principe.

There are over 200,000,000 Portuguese speakers in the world! 

Now it's your turn! Have a go at saying these first words in Portuguese:

Portuguese First Words_edited.jpg

Term 5 - Polish

Polish Flag.png

Term 6 - Revisit Polish and Italian 

Italian Flag.webp
Polish Flag.png
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