Welcome to KS1

Welcome to Key Stage 1! This year we have got 5 mixed Year 1 and Year 2 Classrooms which have been organized into 2 separate bubbles in light of the most recent government guidance. These bubbles are identified as TAS bubble consisting of Topaz, Amethyst and Sapphire Class and the ED bubble consisting of Emerald and Diamond Class.

As part of these bubbles, classes will have staggered break and lunch time arrangements to limit the number of children and adults that mix at any one time. This is also reflected in our new school day with our staggered start and end times. To help enable safety we have marked out spots at 2m distances and also allocated designated drop off and collection points around school. This information has been shared previously but can also be found here.

Although we have 5 mixed classes, the teaching team work closely together to plan and devise interesting and engaging learning opportunities that all classes complete to ensure consistency across our school. For Term 1 this will look slightly different to previous years as we implement our recovery curriculum in light of the national school lockdowns where we are assessing children and determining any gaps that may be present in their learning and ensuring a firm and solid foundation for basic skills before we move forward during the academic year as we head towards meeting age related expectations (ARE) for Year 1 and Year 2. There are some documents uploaded below to support this.



To help you get an idea into the routines, expectations and organisation of our KS1 classrooms, each class team has put together a short video clip for you to look at below. We hope you find enjoy them and find them useful and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to speak to your child's class teacher through the use of school gateway.  

Meet the Team

Topaz Class:

The Teachers in Topaz class are Mrs Butcher and Miss Perrett.

Mrs Butcher is our Deputy and she also leads Maths, Music and Assessment. She teaches in Topaz class on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

Miss Perrett is our humanities and school council lead and she teaches on a Thursday and Friday. 

Topaz Class are supported by Mrs Willcox.

Amethyst Class:

Miss Jones is the class teacher in Amethyst class. She is our PE leader. 

Amethyst class are supported by Miss Clarke, Mrs Robertson and Mrs Elford throughout the week.

Sapphire Class:

Mr Cozens teaches in Sapphire class on a Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. Mr Cozens is Key Stage 1 Lead and also English Lead. Mrs Horwood teaches on Monday and Tuesday.

Sapphire Class are supported by Mrs Sowerby who works with us every morning from Monday -Thursday.

Emerald Class:

Miss Blacker is Emerald class teacher.

Emerald Class are supported by Mrs Kerton and Mrs Larmour-Shearn throughout the week.

Diamond Class:

Mrs Tanner is the class teacher in Diamond Class. She is our Art and DT lead. This Term, Mrs Jordan and Mrs Atkinson are supporting teaching in Diamond Class

Diamond class are supported by Mrs Doble, Mrs Johnson and Mrs Potts throughout the week.

Our Learning:

We are very proud of our topics at Paulton Infant School and think that the children find them exciting and engaging- we know that we as adults do! Under our KS1 tab we will update the drop down box to give you termly updates as the year progresses. This will give you opportunity to see our topic focus, newsletter with any relevant updates, topic webs to see what skills we will be focusing on as well as other relevant updates. This will also be where you can find our weekly home learning grids that mirror the learning activities we will be completing in school which are to be accessed during periods of isolation or school closure. To help you navigate to these pages you will be able to click on the links below but do please get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

Term 1

Term 2
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