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Welcome to KS1

Welcome to Key Stage 1! This year we have two Year 1 classes, two Year 2 classes and one mixed Year 1/2 class. 

The teaching team work closely together to plan and devise interesting and engaging learning opportunities that all classes complete to ensure consistency across our school. Whilst tasks may sometimes look different due to the needs of individual classes, opportunities and expectations will remain the same and all class teachers are committed to determining any gaps that may be present in children's learning and ensuring opportunities to close these gaps are provided.




   Meet the Team

Year 1

Hawthorn class image.png
Hazel class image.png



Hawthorn Class

Mrs Coles is the class teacher of Hazel Class. 

Hazel Class are supported by Mrs Kerton every morning and Miss Sadler and Miss Wiltshire in the afternoons.

Mrs Tanner is the class teacher in Hawthorn class on Monday to Wednesday. She is our English lead. 

Miss Light is the class teacher in Hawthorn class on Wednesday to Friday. She is our Geography and Global Citizenship Lead.

Hawthorn class are supported by Mrs Doble and Mrs Matthews

Sycamore class image.png



Year 1/2

Mrs Butcher is the class teacher in Sycamore class on Monday to Thursday. She is our Deputy Head and leads Mathematics. 

Mrs Jordan is the class teacher in Sycamore class on Fridays whilst Mrs Butcher has her Deputy Head Time.

Year 2 

Maple class  image.jpg



Magnolia class image.png



Mrs Kendrew is Maple class teacher Monday and Tuesday. Mrs Kendrew is our History and RE Lead.


Mr Cozens is Maple class teacher Wednesday to Friday. He is Key Stage Lead, Science Lead and PSHE Lead.

Maple class are supported by Miss Hillier every morning and Miss Clark every afternoon.

Mrs Smart is the class teacher in Magnolia Class. She is our PE Lead.

Magnolia class are supported by Mrs Willcox who is also our School Council Lead and ELSA.

Our Learning:

We are very proud of our topics at Paulton Infant School and think that the children find them exciting and engaging- we know that we as adults do! Under our KS1 tab we will update the drop down box to give you termly updates as the year progresses. This will give you opportunity to see our topic focus, newsletter with any relevant updates, knowledge organisers to see what skills we will be focusing on as well as other relevant updates. Please get in touch if you have any queries. 

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