Gem Power

To become strong and successful learners, we need to think about what we are doing in our learning and be able to talk about it. Giving our children the language of learning really helps them to  move forward and engage in the learning process. Good learning will take children out of  their comfort zone but not  so much to make them panic. Please download a copy of our Gem Power leaflet here.

Help your child stay in the Learning Zone

We want our children to develop the skills so that they can become successful life-long learners. 

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The Gem Powers We Use

emerald gem.jpg

Emerald Power

Having A Go...

I know it's OK to make a mistake

I can ask questions

I can try something in a different way

I can pick myself up and try again

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Sapphire Power

Staying Focused...

I ignore distractions

I keep trying to get better and better at learning

I can focus on my learning

Diamond Power

Solving A Problem...

I can plan my learning

I can find the resources I need
I can explain what I have learned

I am independent

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Ruby Power

Being Kind...

I can listen to others

I can help a friend

I can celebrate someone else's success

I am positive about myself and others

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Amethyst Power

Working With My Partner...

I take turns with a partner

I share with a partner

I listen to someone else's idea

I respect other people's thoughts

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Topaz Power

Working With My Group...

I know what I am good at

I can share my ideas in a group

I can wait for my turn

I like a challenge; I do something differently

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Pearl gem.jpg

Pearl Power

Telling The Truth...

I answer questions truthfully

I own up to choices I have made

I own up to mistakes I have made

I am honest

Watch your thoughts,

They become words,

Watch your words,

They become actions,

Watch your actions,

They become habits,

Watch your habits,

They become character,

Watch your character,

It becomes your destiny.

 - Lao Tzu