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Programming is a core skill that features in the Key Stage 1 Computing curriculum. We use a range of apps and technology to make this engaging and fun for all children. We learn what algorithms are by playing with instructions in different forms. Sometimes this might involve making a robot mask and controlling a friend. Another day we might program directions into a Beebot; use a colour code on an Ozobot to make it spin; or use block code in Scratch Junior to create a short cartoon.  

As children explore programming they are encouraged to use logical reasoning to make predictions about the behaviour of programs and debug when necessary. They learn they need to be very precise to make their programs behave how they choose. Creativity flows as they get to decide how their program is going to behave.

                    Goal! A short film by Year 2 made using Scratch Junior

Another key skill is purposefully using digital technology to create and manipulate content. We use a range of apps and programs to get creative in school with digital content. These can range from artistic projects such as designing posters or cards to making stop-frame animation films. We give opportunities for typing and encourage children to consider layout, font and images.


At Paulton we teach our children how to use technology safely. We use cartoons and roleplay to stress the importance of  keeping personal information private and to recognise that not everything online can be believed. The key message underlying all our internet safety teaching is that children should tell a trusted grown up if anything makes them uneasy. 

We do not merely want our children to use technology safely but also to proactively become responsible and respectful digital citizens. We recognise that growing up in a world where online communication is so prevalent adds another layer of complexity to childhood. We teach that our key value of being "kind, respectful and polite" is just as true online as it is in real life. We encourage children to ask before filming or photographing others and to delete images if requested.

As well as teaching children how to be good digital citizens we support their development having effective filtering systems in place in school that are under regular review.


We have invested in new i-pads for the school to use so that children can access the most up-to-date and age appropriate technology around. All classrooms have interactive boards that teachers skillfully incorporate across the curriculum. We have Beebots that are fantastic for exploring early coding and are particularly useful in an infant school. 

Through our IT provider we borrow more technology and have particularly enjoyed Ozobots and Osmo Play. Being able to access top-of-the-range kit on loan really helps us to assess which technologies will best enhance the learning of our infant children and enable us to target funds most effectively.

Computing Week at Paulton Infant School

In Term 3 2019 children enjoyed Computing Week at Paulton Infant School. Here are some photos.

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