Intent Statement:

Paulton Infant School is committed to enabling pupils to understand the nature of religion and what it means to practise and be part of a religion regardless of their background or previous experiences. All children will participate unless their parent/carer/guardian exercise their right to withdraw their child, wholly or partly from R.E. lessons or the daily act of Collective Worship.


Our intent for Religious Education sessions and Collective Worship in our school is:

  • To assist children in their own quests for meaning and purpose.

  • To enable them to mature in respect of their own beliefs, attitudes and values.

  • To enable them to appreciate and respect the life stances of others.

  • To develop awareness that life involves choices and to enable children to arrive at the decisions life calls for in a responsible and informed way.

  • To enable children to reflect on the life and teachings of different religious leaders from the main religions of the world.

  • To develop socially, morally and spiritually.

  • To develop an appreciation of themselves, others and the world in which they live.

  • To increase their understanding of religious practices such as prayer and meditation.

  • To develop a sense of ‘togetherness’ within the school community where there is a common ethos and shared values.


We use a variety of teaching methods such as role play/drama, stories, music and art. Where possible, visitors to school are also encouraged and where this is not possible we use videos and interview clips and other age appropriate resources to enable our children to learn about people of different faiths. We begin with children’s own experiences and feelings, particularly around special times, people, places and objects/symbols. We provide opportunities for thinking, talking, listening and responding to others respectfully. Much emphasis is placed on valuing and caring for other people in our local community and also for children to relate their understanding to a wider/global community.

KS1 RE Curriculum Map