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Term 3

Key Dates for Term 3

Wednesday 3rd January: back to school

Monday 5th February: EYFS Stay and Play 3:05-3:30pm

Parents evenings rescheduled from February to the 19th and 21st

of March

Friday 9th February: 'wear something red' to support learning

about Chinese New Year and it's the Last Day of Term

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    Term 3 Newsletter                                        
    Term 3 Key Texts                                        
Term 3
At this cold and dark time of year we have chosen to focus on British winter, space and Chinese New Year. Elder class have P.E. on Wednesdays and Mulberry have P.E. on Fridays.


To see how your child will be assessed at the end of their Reception year you can read the Early Learning Goals.

Resources to support at home
Phonics: In phonics this term we will be continuing phase 3. We will be introduced to the remaining few new Phase 3 graphemes and common exception words. We will continue to read simple words but will increasingly focus on developing fluency while reading captions and sentences.

Phase 2 flashcards - Grapheme-Phoneme Correspondences (GPCs)

Phase 2 flashcards - decodable words with sound buttons

Phase 3 flashcards - Grapheme-Phoneme Correspondences (GPCs)

Phase 3 flashcards - word reading with sound buttons for support

Phase 3 flashcards - word reading unsupported

Pure sounds video clip

Phonics play - phase 3 games and activities

Writing and Letter formation:

Letter formation tracing templates - all lower case letters

Simple sentence writing - Introducing colourful semantics
Early Number Sense video clip

Number cards 1-10

Ten frames

Dot plates to 6 for subitising (subitising is being able to tell how many there are without having to count one at a time)

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