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 Term 6 Newsletter

Term 6

 Term 6 Knowledge Organiser                     

Key Dates for Term 6

Tuesday 7th June - First day of term

Thursday 23rd June - Sports Day

Friday 1st July - International Day for EYFS

Thursday 7th July - Moving up morning

Friday 22nd July - Last day of term


Forest School 

No forest school for EYFS this term


We are continuing our taster swimming sessions this term. Please see the letter dated 30th March for details.

Red and Green groups have their final swimming lesson on on Monday 13th June - the second week of term.

Yellow and Blue groups will swim for four weeks in a row beginning on Monday 20th June - the third week of term.


All children will have P.E. on Thursday mornings. These lessons will include building skills for Sports Day with our sports coaches.

Assessment and Reports

This term, teachers will be assessing children against the Early Learning Goals.

Children will be assessed in seventeen areas. You can read these

Early Learning Goals here. In each area, children will be assessed as

'expected' if they have achieved that early learning goal, or as 'emerging' if

they are still working toward that goal. This assessment is referred to as 'The 

Early Years Profile' and will be shared with you with your child's report and passed on to your child's Year 1 teacher.


Term 6 Overview

For our final term we are kicking off with the adventure story 'Jack and the Flum Flum Tree' by Julia Donaldson. We'll need our map reading and making skills that week! We will then move onto a larger theme of our wider world with 'Meerkat Mail' and celebrating different cultures and people inspired by the book 'All Are Welcome'. We plan to lead up to an international day on 1st July when children can come dressed in clothes inspired by another country/culture and we can taste some food. If you can contribute any food of international origin for our tasting that would be much appreciated.

Transition to Year 1

As soon as we are able to we will share class arrangements for next year.

Opportunities will be provided within school for children to meet their new teachers.

'Moving Up Morning' involves children spending the morning in their new class with

their new classmates and teacher.

Resources to support at home
Phonics: In phonics this term we will continue working on phase 4. This involves introducing a few more new common exception words, reading longer words, and reading words with adjacent consonants such as spring, went, greed etc.
Phase 4 words - flashcards with sound buttons
Phase 4 words - flashcards without sound buttons
Phase 4 caption read and match
Phase 4 common exception words

Oxford Owls - ebook Library for Letters and Sounds

Please see our Term 4 page for resources to support phases 2 and 3

Writing and Letter formation:
All children have their special writing book which lives in their books bag. They were also given their own sound mat. Children can use this book to write and draw anything they like. For more controlled practice, you can find a list of sentences for dictation included in the books.

Alphabet strip for letter formation

Mnemonics for forming letters

Video clip - letter formation
Letter formation templates - all letters
Simple sentence writing - Introducing colourful semantics
Phase 3 - Colourful Semantics resources
Phase 3 Caption writing
Phase 4 Caption writing
Early Number Sense video clip
To 20 and Beyond  - scheme of learning
On the Move - scheme of learning

Number cards 1-10

Ten frames

Dot plates to 6 for subitising (subitising is being able to tell how many there are without having to count one at a time)

Bonds to 10 flashcards



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