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School Council

Meet our 2019-2020 School Councillors!

We are excited to introduce you to our new School Councillors! Every class voted for their School Council representative. Year 2 classes have two School Councillors and EYFS/ Year 1 have one member.  

Our School Council at Paulton Infant School plays an important role in suggesting new ideas, improving the whole school environment and acting as a voice for all our pupils. The School Council regularly meets to discuss and take action on a range of issues, such as friendship, our community, playtimes and lunchtimes, assemblies and ideas and suggestions for the organisation of fundraising events.

Our School Councillors are: Zoe, Ethan, Josh, Darcey, Eli, Alexandra, Hannah, Olivia, Harmiony, Charlie, Ayla and Eva. 

School Council Projects 2018-2019

This academic year we are focusing on developing and promoting the Gem Powers. With our School Council partner schools we created a Gem Power assembly to show to the children of Paulton Infants, Marksbury and Farmborough schools.The children involved from Paulton Infants created videos to explain Ruby Power and Pearl Power. With Ruby Power being a kind friend and Pearl Power telling the truth. 

Our next exciting agenda is to focus on recognising and praising children who are using their Gem Powers. The School Council will ask members of their class and then discuss in meetings. It will be up to the School Council to decide how the children of Paulton Infant School have their Gem Powers celebrated. Stay tuned for updates from the School Council!

We have also created Book Club posters which can be seen on every class door and at the entrance. The School Council will hope these fun colourful posters will inspire more people to start Book Club! If you are interested in starting Book Club, or have previously started but want to resume it, bring a minimum of 50p on a Thursday into school. 

Community Values

We felt as a School Council that it was important that our school had its own set of community values to help remind us how we can be polite, caring and respectful members of our community. We discussed how we can help to keep our village a happy and safe place for us all to live. We came up with five community values that we felt encompassed all our ideas:

1. We will be kind, caring and polite to all the members of our village.
2. We will be proud of our village.
3. We will not drop litter.
4. We will look after our play spaces.
5. We will be safe by the roads.

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