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Term 6

Key Dates for Term 6

Tuesday 8th June - First day of term

Friday 9th July - International Day for EYFS

Wednesday 21st July - Last day of term







Should your child need to isolate at home, and they are not unwell, you will be able to find planning and resources to support your child while learning from home on this page. 

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Term 6 Overview

For our final term we are kicking off with Science Week before we go on an adventure with the book 'Jack and the Flum Flum Tree'. We'll need our map reading and making skills that week! We will then move onto a larger theme of celebrating different cultures and people inspired by the book 'All Are Welcome'. We plan to lead up to an international day on 9th July when children can come dressed in clothes inspired by another country/culture and we can taste some food.

Ruby Class: Forest School on Tuesdays; PE on Thursdays

Jade Class:  Forest School on Wednesdays; PE on Tuesdays

Opal Class: Forest School on Thursdays; PE on Wednesdays

On P.E. days please come dressed for outdoor sport. Children can stay in these clothes all day. On forest school days please come dressed for the weather (raincoats/sunhats etc) with long sleeves and legs due to nettles and brambles. Please bring uniform to change into afterwards in case children get wet/muddy. Please can wellies stay in school. Normal uniform on all other days.


The following resources will all be of use this term if you are able to donate any of them. Thank you very much for the donations we have had so far!​

  • top soil

  • wooden pestles and mortars (for potion making)

  • play sand for sand pit (not builders)

  • outdoor play/pe resources – bean bags, soft balls, rackets, targets, stilts on strings

  • small world characters – playmobil size, farm animals, ponies, pets, mythical creatures, anything that comes in a set/collection can provide opportunities for imaginative play, storytelling and role playing

Thank you for your help.


If you would like a reminder of what it is hoped children are able to do by the end of Reception you can see the Early Learning Goals here

Phonics and Reading in Term 6 of Reception

This is a term of consolidation and really applying phase 2, 3, and 4 sounds and tricky words to reading and writing. We will be encouraging children to sight-read where they can and only soundtalk and blend the harder words.


Your child’s book bag should contain: a yellow reading record; a bag of tricky words; a fully decodable phonics book for your child to read; a sharing book for you to read to your child and enjoy together. Please write in the yellow reading record every time your child reads to you. Ideally, every child will practise reading daily at home. We recommend reading a book at least 3 times as this helps build fluency and comprehension skills. Please make sure that your child’s book bag comes to school every day and contains the four items listed above. Please do not put water bottles in book bags as leaks and condensation damage books. Thank you.

Here you can watch a clip explaining book bags: 


Please find here some general resources and links to support with phonics and reading at this stage.

Phase 3 flashcards - sounds

Phase 3 flashcards - word reading with sound buttons for support

Phase 3 flashcards - word reading unsupported

Phase 3 flashcards - caption reading

Phase 4 flashcards - word reading with sound buttons for support

Phase 4 flashcards - word reading unsupported

Phase 4 caption and picture match

Pure sounds video clip

Tricky words arranged in word bag sets

Oxford Owls - ebook Library for Letters and Sounds - individual log-ins are stuck in children's reading records

Oxford Owl story teller videos 

Writing in Term 6 of Reception

In writing we will continue to work on constructing simple sentences. Those that are ready will be encouraged to write more than one sentence at a time. We will continue to practise planning our sentence, 'holding' it in our heads, forming letters neatly, using soundtalk to spell, writing tricky words, using finger spaces, including full stops and capital letters and reading the sentences we have written back out loud to check for mistakes.  We will practise segmenting and writing words from all phases taught. We will be encouraging a further increase in independence and asking children to read back their own writing to check for mistakes. Please find here some general resources and links to support with writing at this stage.

Phase 2 and 3 sound mat

Alphabet strip for letter formation

Mnemonics for forming letters

Video clip - letter formation

Video clip - How to use colourful sematics to practise simple sentences

Colourful semantics grid

Colourful semantics cards - phase 2 sounds

Additional colourful semantics cards - phase 3 sounds

Additional colourful semantics cards - phase 4 words

Video clip - How to write a simple sentence.

Picture and sentence cards. Read, match, memorise, cover, write, check.

Uppercase and lowercase tracing

Phase 4 phoneme frames

Maths in Term 6 of Reception

In maths we will be looking at doubling, sharing and odds and evens in the unit 'Find My Pattern' and further consolidate our understanding of composition of numbers. Following this, in our unit 'On the Move' we will consolidate and deepen our learning from the year. Please find here some general resources and links to support with maths at this stage.

Early Number Sense video clip for parents/carers - an excellent introduction to maths in Reception 

10 frame templates

Subitising - A guide for parents

Subitising cards 1-5

Subitising cards 1-9

I spy numbers 1-10 - spotting numbers with a range of representations

I spy number 11-20

All About Numbers Booklet 1-10 - different representations including number formation

Representing numbers to 20 sorting cards

Cut and stick 11-20 ten frames

Cut and stick 11-20 different representations

Topmarks - 100 square

Topmarks - helicopter rescue

A game to learn number bonds:

Weekly planning and resources

Week 1 08/06/21 Science Week

Week 1 planning

Week 1 resources

Week 2 14/06/21 Jack and the Flum Flum Tree

Week 2 planning

Week 2 resources

Week 3 21/06/21 All Are Welcome

Week 3 planning

Week 3 resources

Week 4  28/06/21 Mommy's Khimar

Week 4 planning

Week 4 resources

Week 5 05/07/21 So Much

Week 5 planning

Week 5 resources

Week 6 12/07/21 Dear Teacher

Week 6 planning

Week 6 resources

Week 7 19/07/21

Week 7 planning

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