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Intent Statement:

At Paulton Infant school our children are provided with exciting and engaging opportunities to develop their historical knowledge. History is about real people and events.  The history of Britain and that of the wider world influences all of our lives; it shapes the customs and beliefs of the communities to which we belong.  Learning about the past and the methods used to study it helps children to make sense of the changing world in which they live and provides them with valuable cultural capital.  History enables children to develop important skills that will enable them to become lifelong learners. We believe that history should offer opportunities to introduce children to what is involved in understanding and interpreting the past, and to help them to develop a sense of identity through learning about the past.

We provide a stimulating curriculum which the children really enjoy. The children especially enjoyed learning about The Great Fire of London and could recall many different facts. "Samuel Pepys wrote a diary. He buried his cheese in the garden!"

History Cycle A Curriculum Map

History Cycle B Curriculum Map

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