At Paulton Infant School we aim to nurture a love of reading that is lifelong and we strive to ensure that every child develops the skills they need to engage with all aspects of learning. Through reading, our children can explore the world around them, discover inspiring facts and be transported to new worlds.


We work in partnership with our parents to acknowledge that a child’s reading experience is much more than the reading book which comes home from school. It is reading, sharing and listening to a wide and varied range of genres for real enjoyment.

If you read just one book a day to your child, they will have read 1825 books by their 5th birthday; every day counts - every book counts.


The Benefits of Reading!


Relax- reading improves concentration!

Children have to sit still and quietly so they can focus on the story when they are reading. It relaxes the body and calms the mind whilst also exercising the connections in the brain.

Empathy- reading helps children develop empathy!

When we’re engaged in a story, we imagine how the characters are feeling and use our own experiences to imagine how we would feel in the same situation.


Acquiring Language- reading improves a child’s vocabulary!

It leads to more highly-developed language skills as children learn new words as they read, see how to structure sentences and learn how to use language effectively.


Discover- Reading develops a child’s imagination!

When we read we translate the descriptions of people, places and things into pictures. As a child grows up, being able to read well not only enables them to discover new facts and to learn at school, but also opens them up to a world of new ideas, stories and opportunities.


Teaching reading at Paulton Infant School:


Developing successful reading skills is achieved through daily phonics sessions, small group intervention, guided reading and English lessons. Our children also have the opportunity to practise and apply their reading skills across all curriculum subjects.


To ensure all our children become successful readers we work collaboratively with our parents and the wider community. We are extremely lucky to have supportive parents who participate in our weekly ‘stay and read’ sessions, as well as adults within our local community that give up their spare time to volunteer in school to listen to our children read. Working together we aim to nurture and embed our pupil’s enjoyment and love for reading!

 We all share the same vision for reading!


  1. Getting children reading is a job for all of us. The school is vital but so are the home and wider community.

  2. The work starts at birth. Creating readers starts with talking and reading to babies. We can’t wait until a child starts school.

  3. Enjoyment is a vital element of reading well. The vital importance of teaching phonics and comprehension in schools needs to be complemented by approaches that help every child to engage with and develop a love of reading.

  4. We must have the highest ambitions for all children!

Teaching of Reading


Our aim is to for children to develop a love of reading and be able to read for pleasure. At Paulton Infant School, children are taught to read through phonics lessons, whole class and guided sessions and are heard to read individually. Phonics is taught throughout EYFS and Key Stage 1. It is the first important step for children in learning to read and developing that love of reading. Research shows that when phonics is taught in a structured way – starting with listening and exploring sounds and progressing through to the most complex digraphs and trigraphs– it is the most effective way of teaching young children to read. We mainly follow the Letters and Sounds approach to teach phonics.

We have a wide variety of reading books both fiction and non-fiction that are sent home weekly with a yellow reading record to develop that home-school link. Children also have the opportunity to visit our local library and can enjoy exploring our school library, which was lovingly and creatively transformed by our PTA into a haven for books inspired by traditional tales!

Helpful hints to help your child learn to read:


  • Read daily: discussing the text and asking your child questions about what they have read and making predictions

  • Record how and what your child reads at home in yellow reading record books; these are used as part of our evidence

  • Bring book bags in to school every day

  • Encourage children to read their own books, books from the library as well as school books

  • Keep reading fun! We want our children to develop a love of reading

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