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Intent Statement:

At Paulton Infant School we aim to prepare children for the future, with the confidence and ability to develop their skills and understanding when having new experiences, meeting new challenges and finding themselves in unfamiliar situations. We offer a nurturing learning environment in which each child is encouraged to develop their full potential and where their achievements and successes are celebrated and rewarded.  As a school, we believe that children are all individuals and therefore, we aim to encourage mutual respect, responsibility and foster self-esteem in a happy and caring atmosphere. The intent of our PSHE curriculum is to deliver a curriculum which is accessible to all and that will maximise the outcomes for every child; the teaching and learning of PSHE using the Jigsaw programme supports this. Through using Jigsaw, our children acquire knowledge, understanding, and the skills they need to manage their lives now and in their futures. It develops the qualities and attributes children need to thrive as individuals, family members and members of society and the global community.

PSHE Curriculum Map linked to Jigsaw scheme

Further information:

Paulton Infant School Relationships and Sex Education Policy

Parent/Carer Leaflet from Jigsaw scheme

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