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Term 3

Key Dates for Term 3

Tuesday 5th January - First day of term

Friday 12th February - Last day of term (and Chinese New Year) 

Learning at home


As the country is now back in lockdown the majority of children are going to be learning from home. Each week we will email out our planning which will include links to several video clips that introduce new learning.  Also included will be activities to be completed in phonics, literacy and maths that your child will be expected to complete to the best of their ability. Our planning will also include ideas for exploring the wider curriculum that will hopefully engage your child and inspire further play.

It is important to remember how children learn at this age. While the government have specified that primary children should be provided with 3 hours work a day it is important to remember that Reception children cannot and should not be expected to sit down and focus on academic work for long stretches. When in school typically children would sit and listen to an adult led lesson for around 15 minutes and this would often include some involvement from the children. They are usually then free to go and select activities from the range of continuous and enhanced provision we have in the classroom or outside area. Continuous provision includes resources which are always available such as the climbing frame, scissors and glue or a doll's house. Enhanced provision is carefully chosen by practitioners to spark interest and develop skills. For example this might include pumpkins and golf tees to hammer to engage children and strengthen finger muscles; maybe Christmas decoration making; or making pasta necklaces. Adults observe and sometimes play alongside children, communicating and modelling where necessary. Sometimes adults call children over to complete specific directed tasks such as letter formation or phonics practice.


We would recommend working in a similar way at home. You will all be experiencing lockdown under a range of circumstances and we want learning to be as flexible as possible to suit you. For this reason we are providing video clips to introduce and model new learning. We suggest watching these clips with your child so you can see the language used and concepts introduced. Staggering these throughout the day is likely to be the easiest and most productive way to access the learning. We require that you use the evidence me app to send in observations of your child's learning so we can track their progress and offer support.


We are planning to set up a daily zoom where an adult from the EYFS bubble will read a story to the EYFS children. This will begin on Monday 11th Jan at 2:30pm for anyone who would like to join in. Further details to follow.


Here are some links your child can follow to take them to some useful phonics and number games that we regularly use in school.

underwater counting.jpg
helicopter rescue.jpg
Government resource:  Oak Academy
The Oak Academy website contains lots of lessons you can access for free.
You can follow the reommended schedule or search for particular areas that
interest you. Any materials from 'Reception' would be relevant to our children.
White Rose Maths
For extra maths lessons you can watch videos and complete activities on the
White Rose website. This is the main scheme we follow at school so the lessons
closely align with what we cover in school.
Paulton Infant School Planning
The following planning reflects what we are covering in school.
Some of the themes we will explore this term include winter,
space and Chinese New Year.
Week 1 05/01/21 Frozen

To ease everyone back into the new year we are starting

with some frozen based fun!

Week 1 planning can be found here.

Colourful semantics - simple caption writing

Frozen puppets

Sound mat phases 2 and 3 (we have learnt up to qu)

Alphabet strip with formation images

Letter formation mnemonics

Number cards 1-10

Ten frames

Dot plates to 6 for subitising (subitising is being able to tell how many there are without having to count one at a time)

Wednesday 6th Jan

Phonics lesson part 1

Phonics lesson part 2

Phonics lesson part 3 handwriting


Literacy: Frozen story: An Amazing Snowman

Maths lesson

Thursday 7th Jan

Phonics lesson part 1

Phonics lesson part 2

Phonics lesson part 3 - handwriting and writing cvc words

Literacy - Introducing colourful semantics

Maths - comparing numbers

Friday 8th Jan

Phonics lesson part 1

Phonics lesson part 2

Phonics lesson part 3 - handwriting and writing cvc words

Literacy - personal reading choice

Literacy - Oxford Owl Books website tutorial

Maths - subitising

Week 2 10/01/21 The Winter Bear

This week we are reading a classic story first published in 1974 - The Winter Bear.

The simple story and lovely illustrations depict the British countryside in winter

in beautiful detail. This week we are encouraging children to really observe

their surroundings and explore an English winter with all their senses.

Week 2 planning can be found here. Links to teaching videos are included within the plan.

The Winter Bear pdf

Introduction to week 2 phonics - a video for parents

Phonics activities - practising new digraphs

Wednesday - winter word cvc writing template

Thursday - A Winter Poem template

Thursday - winter I spy hunt sheet

Friday - Reading book - A Fish on a Ship

Tuesday - zoom Storytime with Miss Light - The Tiger Who Came to Tea

Wednesday - Zoom Storytime with Miss Ireland - Stop Telling Fibs!

Thursday - Zoom Storytime with Mrs Upham - My Hair

Friday - Zoom Storytime with Miss Light - Elmer

Week 3 18/01/21 Once Upon a Snowstorm

This week we are looking at this beautifully illustrated book told only

in pictures. We are asking the children to be the storytellers! We are

also continuing to work on letter formation, tricky words and caption


Week 3 planning can be found here. Links to teaching videos are

included within the plan.

Once Upon a Snowstorm pdf

Phonics activities

Phonics word flashcards

Extra Maths activities

Wednesday - tricky word sets

Thursday - caption writing

Friday - early reading comprehension

Friday - Zig and Zag - a reading book reviewing the sounds from the week

Monday - Zoom Storytime with Mrs Upham - The Very Helpful Hedgehog

Tuesday - Zoom Storytime with Miss Light - A Squash and a Squeeze

Wednesday - Zoom Storytime with Miss Ireland - Geronimo the Penguin Who Thought He Could Fly

Thursday - Zoom Storytime with Mrs Upham - Dogger

Friday - Zoom Storytime with  Miss Light - The Rainbow Fish

NEW! How to access Oxford Owl ebook Library for Letters and Sounds

Week 4 25/01/21 Whatever Next!

This week we are moving onto exploring space. If you have a large cardboard box

it could come in handy this week as we follow Baby Bear's trip to the moon and

exercise our imaginations.

Week 4 planning can be found here.  Links to teaching videos are either

included within the plan or added below.

Phonics - read and match whole week

Phonics word flashcards

Extra Maths activities

Monday - I spy number 6

Tuesday - Backpack template

                I spy number 7

Wednesday - Roll and read 'ar'

                      How to play 'roll and read' video 

                      I spy number 8

Thursday - Roll and read 'or'

                  Astronaut template

Friday -  I spy and read phonics review video

             I spy phonics review activities

Monday - Storytime with Miss Ireland - The Smeds and the Smoos

Tuesday - Storytime with Mrs Upham - Beegu

Wednesday - Storytime with Miss Light - Laura's Star

Thursday - Storytime with Miss Ireland - Look Up!

Friday - Storytime with Mrs Upham - Little Rabbit Foo Foo

Week 5 01/02/21 Aliens Love Underpants

This week we are continuing exploring space - particularly aliens! By the end

of this week we will have nearly finished introducing the phase 3 sounds. In

writing we are continuing to practise writing simple sentences using soundtalk

to spell, adding finger spaces between words  and developing accurate letter



Week 5 planning can be found here.  Links to teaching videos are either

included within the plan or added below.

Video for parents - overview of phonics resources

Phonics resources to match the week's sounds

Extra Maths activities

Tricky word space colouring

Monday - Underpants template

Tuesday - ow phonics lesson video (alternative briefer version to plan)

Wednesday - Literacy game alien cards

                       Space Rock Cakes recipe

                       oi phonics lesson video (alternative briefer version)

Thursday - Alien Puppets

                  Alien role play masks

                  ear phonics lesson video (alternative briefer version)

Friday: Phonics Name the alien

Monday - Storytime with Miss Light - Zog

Tuesday- Storytime with Miss Ireland - Aliens in Underpants Save the World

Wednesday - Storytime with Mrs Upham - Penguin

Thursday - Storytime with Miss Light - On the Moon

Friday - Storytime with Miss Ireland - The First Hippo on the Moon

Week 6 08/02/21 Dragons in the City

This week we are learning all about Lunar  New Year. Lunar New Year

is celebrated in several countries but we are going to focus on Chinese

New Year. New Year takes place on Friday the 12th. If possible, it could be

fun to celebrate this day at home. The learning for the week could build 

towards this day and make it more purposeful for the children.

Week 6 planning can be found here.  Links to teaching videos are either

included within the plan or added below.

Extra maths resources

Extra Chinese New Year resources

Phonics activities for air and er

Phase 2 and 3 sound mat - useful whenever children are writing

Monday - Make a paper Dragon

Tuesday - Literacy: Table Template

                 Chinese numbers

                 er phonics lesson (alternative briefer version)

Wednesday - Phonics: Phase 3 phoneme frames

                      Phonics lesson video 

Thursday - Literacy: story sequencing cards

                  Phonics: read and match captions and pictures

                  Phonics lesson video 

Friday - Phonics: Silly questions

             Phonics lesson video

Monday - Storytime with Mrs Jones - Betty and the Yeti

Tuesday - Storytime with Miss Light -You're a Hero, Daley B

Wednesday - Storytime with Miss Ireland - Oi Frog!

Thursday - Storytime with Mrs Upham - The Magic Paintbrush

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winter bear.jpg
whatever next.jpg
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dragons in the city.jpg
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