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Term 4

Key Dates for Term 4

Tuesday 23rd February - First day of term

Thursday 1st April - Last day of term  

Learning at home


It has been announced that all children will return to school on the 8th of March so home learning will continue for most children for the first 2 weeks of this term. We are looking forward to welcoming everyone back soon.

We have been very impressed by how well many children have engaged in home learning and are so grateful for all the support you have given your children and how you have communicated this learning with us. Thank you! Please continue to access planning and resources on this page and to provide us with daily updates on Evidence Me.

It is important to remember how children learn at this age. While the government have specified that primary children should be provided with 3 hours work a day, Reception children cannot and should not be expected to sit down and focus on academic work for long stretches. When in school, typically children would sit and listen to an adult led lesson for around 15 minutes and this would often include some involvement from the children. They are usually then free to go and select activities from the range of continuous and enhanced provision we have in the classroom or outside area. Continuous provision includes resources which are always available such as the climbing frame, scissors and glue or a doll's house. Enhanced provision is carefully chosen by practitioners to spark interest and develop skills. For example this might include pumpkins and golf tees to hammer to engage children and strengthen finger muscles; maybe Christmas decoration making; or making pasta necklaces. Adults observe and sometimes play alongside children, communicating and modelling where necessary. Sometimes adults call children over to complete specific directed tasks such as letter formation or phonics practice.


We would recommend working in a similar way at home. You will all be experiencing lockdown under a range of circumstances and we want learning to be as flexible as possible to suit you. For this reason we are providing video clips to introduce and model new learning. We suggest watching these clips with your child so you can see the language used and concepts introduced. Staggering these throughout the day is likely to be the easiest and most productive way to access the learning. We require that you use the evidence me app to send in observations of your child's learning so we can track their progress and offer support.


We are continuing to offer a daily zoom story time where an adult from the EYFS bubble reads a story to the EYFS children. This is daily at 2:30pm for anyone who would like to join in. Stories can also be viewed afterwards on this page. Class teachers will be in touch with details of two interactive zoom sessions a week.

Term 4 Summary

This term we are going to start with exploring pets, expanding our vocabularies related to pets and considering how we care for other living creatures. We will then move on to the joys of spring before finishing with Easter bunnies and chocolate eggs. We will continue to provide lessons in the format of daily short video clips with accompanying activities for literacy, phonics and maths. We will also suggest activities from the wider curriculum designed to engage your child and inspire further play. If you would like a reminder of what it is hoped children are able to do by the end of Reception you can see the Early Learning Goals here

Phonics and Reading in Term 4 of Reception

In phonics we will be reviewing all those phase 3 sounds we have just learnt and applying them in our reading and writing. We will steadily continue adding new tricky words at an average of 1 new word a week. Please find here some general resources and links to support with phonics and reading at this stage.

Phase 3 flashcards - sounds

Phase 3 flashcards - word reading with sound buttons for support

Phase 3 flashcards - word reading unsupported

Phase 3 flashcards - caption reading

Pure sounds video clip

Tricky words arranged in word bag sets

Oxford Owls - ebook Library for Letters and Sounds

Phonics play - phase 3 games and activities

Oxford Owl story teller videos 

Writing in Term 4 of Reception

In writing we will continue to work on constructing simple sentences. We will practise planning our sentence, 'holding' it in our heads, forming letters neatly, using soundtalk to spell, writing tricky words, using finger spaces, including full stops and capital letters and reading the sentences we have written back out loud to check for mistakes.  An updated set of colourful semantics including words with phase 3 sounds will be used a lot this term. Please find here some general resources and links to support with writing at this stage.

Phase 2 and 3 sound mat

Alphabet strip for letter formation

Mnemonics for forming letters

Video clip - letter formation

Video clip - How to use colourful sematics to practise simple sentences

Colourful semantics grid

Colourful semantics cards - phase 2 sounds

Additional colourful semantics cards - phase 3 sounds

Video clip - How to write a simple sentence.

Picture and sentence cards. Read, match, memorise, cover, write, check.

Uppercase and lowercase tracing

Maths in Term 4 of Reception

In maths we will look at the numbers 9 and 10 and explore their composition before spending some time consolidating all our maths learning so far. We will particularly work on strengthening recall of number bonds within ten.

Early Number Sense video clip

10 frame templates

Subitising - A guide for parents

Subitising cards 1-5

Subitising cards 1-9

I spy numbers 1-10 - spotting numbers with a range of representations

All About Numbers Booklet 1-10 - different representations including number formation

Topmarks - 100 square

Topmarks - helicopter rescue

Weekly planning and resources

Week 1 23/02/21 The Great Pet Sale

This week we are looking at all things pets! We will be thinking about how to care for

other creatures and share our own experiences of pet ownership with each other. We

will ease back into phonics by reviewing phase 3 and will explore numbers 9 and 10 in


Planning for the week can be found here.

Additional Maths activities

Additional cards for phase 3 colourful semantics - simple sentence writing

Tuesday: I spy phonics 1     

               I spy phonics 2

Wednesday: Literacy - My Favourite Pet writing template

                     Phase 3 tricky words

Thursday: Literacy - Find the pet

                 Phonics - read and match

                 What pets need 

                 Thursday phonics lesson

Friday: Phonics - read and draw 1

            Phonics - read and draw 2

            Friday phonics lesson

Tuesday - Storytime with Miss Ireland - Hairy Maclary's Bone

Wednesday - Storytime with Mrs Upham - Mog the forgetful cat

Thursday - Storytime with Miss Light - Where, oh Where is Kipper's bear?

Friday - Storytime with Miss Ireland - Cockatoos

Week 2 01/03/21 The Great Pet Sale continued

As this is Book Week, we are going to read as many different books as

we can about pets and even make our own non-fiction books by writing

a page a day. We are also going to begin identifying and writing capital

letters for us to use at the start of sentences and for names. 

Planning for the week can be found here.

Additional Maths activities

Uppercase and lowercase tracing

Monday: Phonics boardgame

               Split pin dog

               Phonics lesson

Tuesday: Phonics gap fill

               Phonics lesson 

Wednesday: Phonics read and draw

                     Phonics lesson

Thursday: Phonics Activity Mats

                 Bat Facts narrated

                 Phonics lesson

Friday: Phonics circle the word

            Phonics lesson

            3D fish

Monday - Storytime with Mrs Upham - Hairy Maclary's Rumpus at the Vet

Tuesday - Storytime with Miss Ireland - The Wish Cat

Wednesday - Storytime with Miss Light - Some Dogs Do

Thursday - Storytime with Mrs Upham - What the Ladybird Heard

Friday - Storytime with Miss Light - Mog and the vet  

Week 3 08/03/21 When Spring Comes

School is open for all! :) 

Planning for the week can be found here

Week 3 resources

Week 4 15/03/21 The Bog Baby

Planning for the week can be found here

Week 4 resources

Week 5 22/03/21 Tap! Tap! The Egg Cracked! 

Planning for the week can be found here

Week 5 resources

Week 6 29/03/21 We're Going on an Egg Hunt 

Planning for the week can be found here

Week 6 resources

Letter to parents - End of Term 4 updates

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